Bose Soundtouch 30 Series III

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The Magic of Bose Soundtouch 30 Series III

The Bose SoundTouch 30 III remains one of the finest single piece wireless music systems created by Bose. By just connecting to the home Wi-Fi, or a Smart device having Bluetooth, you are able to stream innumerable songs from every music service possible, all Internet radio stations as well as your own library of stored music. With the SoundTouch you can fill even the largest rooms at home with dynamic sound. You can even listen to the music instantly via one of six presets on remote or on the speaker itself.


With the Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III,  Bose has carried its flagship products to all new heights with features such as Spotify app integration, enhanced file support as well as advanced comprehensive connectivity.

• Attractive, intuitive app
• Weighty, room-filling sound
• Multi-room functionality
• Vast feature count
• Size might not suit everyone
• Lacks in space and expression
• Lacks hi-res support
• Overemphasized bass by default, so might distort at high volumes.

Star Performance

The Soundtouch 30 Series III comes packed with considerable hi-tech to bring to you an unforgettable audio experience. A woofer that is high-powered to perfection delivers the very soul of bass notes with extreme clarity and depth. Two exactly positioned drivers address the mid and high range audio frequencies with a vibrant as well as crisp output definition. And the select Bose waveguide technology delivers rich and deep sound that is able to pack even the largest rooms of your home.


The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III: Multiroom

The Bose SoundTouch 30 system is an integral part of a whole series of wireless systems and speakers, as also one speaker in each room. In fact it consists of outdoor speakers, single piece music systems, and home theatre systems that work in tandem with each other, to deliver precisely the same music in all rooms, or different music in various rooms to surround your senses thoroughly.


Easy Set Up & Control

Among all the other speakers in this SoundTouch range, play music easily filling every room of your home, wirelessly. To stream Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth across, there is no need for any complicated equipment, and you can begin enjoying all your favorite playlists at once. The SoundTouch is equipped with a convenient Ethernet port, located at the rear of the speaker, to provide a tethered network connection, if you like.
The powerful software SoundTouch app can take you through all the needed steps, so that you are able to set up this wireless music system, in a few minutes. Then you can regulate all music sources, presets the system through a separate remote included in the system, or the free app.


Make Your Own Presets

The unique option of six presets to create your own presets is an incomparable feature of SoundTouch alone. And once set, every system in your home remembers it, doesn’t matter just where it comes from. With one preset you can set your favorite Deezer station, the latest Spotify playlist, and all the tracks you have saved on your PC, to a third system. After this, merely touch a preset on the remote or speaker and lo! the music is on, with a bright OLED display that displays, the current station, playlist, and song, and a lot more, for you to keep track of your music.

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