HTC One A9

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HTC One A9

HTC is a Taiwanese company specializing in smartphones, with practically no presence in othere segments. This has helped them in coming up with some of the finer smartphones. Their latest product the HTC One A9 remains a extraordinary looking device. It is sleek, slim, spectacular with all its color options, as well as ease of use.


The HTC One A9 doesn’t belong to the company’s flagship products, but one that is more affordable. In the case of One A9, HTC came up with an altogether new type of smartphone with a category that is just under the flagships, with every significant bits in their allotted place. Although it is not a showstopper, it creates a fine balance between features and affordability.

• Excellent camera
• Incredible design
• Design too similar to iPhone

Design and Features

The HTC One A9 strongly resembles  iPhone 6s with its thickness, curved corners, flat metal back, unibody design, protruding camera, speaker grill and antenna lines are akin to the design hints. However, it is larger compared to the 6s, has the HTC logos prominently and the front and back, with the rear camera located at the centre, rather than the upper left corner.

The volume and power buttons are towards the right; the Micro-USB port, speaker grille, as also the 3.5mm socket can be found at the bottom; and at the left are the microSD and SIM slots. The rough texture of the power button helps you tell it apart from the volume rocker, with its ordinary useful touch. However, the curved corners, metallic body and antenna lines, were essentially HTC features a long time before the coming of the iPhone 6. The earpiece, selfie camera, fingerprint and proximity sensors are in the front. The fingerprint sensor acts as the home key too, although you can disable it if you wish. Instead of capacitive Android keys, the phone uses on-screen keys.

You can wake up the HTC One A9 by motion launch gestures or softly touching the phone’s fingerprint sensor. Once activated, just place your finger on sensor to unlock the phone quickly. There is an option to store five fingerprints, to unlock the phone.

The HTC One Screen

The A9’s screen is in fact a 5” Amoled full-HD panel made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for extra protection. As is with Amoled screens, you can notice a little warmth in the color tones, but this makes it easier on the eyes. Blacks are deep and colors pop, making graphics appear dynamic. Most important of all, the sharpness of the phone is really fantastic, and the screen is a brilliant full-HD panel.


The A9 derives its power from the altogether new Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SoC, and a fully integrated Adreno 405 GPU as well as 3GB RAM. The HTC One phone is easy to use, with snappy, sporting characteristics as well as fine-tuning that people in general expect from top-quality smartphones. Although it has a robust metal body, it doesn’t get heated up to any large extent, while charging or doing intense tasks like gaming or watching videos, and as to lag, it remains truly non-existent.

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