MSI GS60 Ghost Pro Review

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The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro with the high-end Nvidia GTX 970M graphics remains a landmark in the field of gaming computing. At last, the desktop level gaming performance has become possible with the GS60, with its mere 15.6-inch Ultrabook package. Although it might look like another Ultrabook at first sight, it is truly a full mobile powerhouse within.


If you are on the lookout for a gaming laptop that can effectively handle all the latest in games as well as future titles, the GS60 is just for you. With the introduction of a fresh generation of graphic chips and processors, the entirely new MSI GS60 Ghost Pro provides a degree of performance that is in effect taking a giant step forward, in the direction of great gaming.

Our Score:
• Great sound and screen
• Performance pusher
• Astounding keyboard
• Low battery life
• Very expensive

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro Design and Features

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro has drastically updated the Ghost Pro features by means of some impressive and latest hardware, resulting in a lighter and thinner version of the previous year’s model. With a mere thickness of 0.78-inches, the GS60 is in stark contrast to the bulkier hardcore gaming laptops like Alienware 17 and Acer Predator 17. However, getting thinner is by no means, by making compromises to the GS60’s series of ports, placed along its sides, such as two USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, a HDMI port, separate microphone and headphone jacks as well as Ethernet. As if these are not sufficient, the machine incorporates a brand new “Super Port,” that packs the Thunderbolt 3.0’s daisy-chaining potential into a C port of the USB Type. This lets this monster machine drive an incredible two 4K displays, as well as rapid recharge components.

Except for the somewhat smaller dimensions, the basic design of the GS60 has almost remained the same for many years. This is no way is a compromise. MSI’s simple, light and thin looks, with the dark, brushed magnesium-alloy looks are still there. In fact, but for the LED dragon logo on the screen lid and the “Gaming Series” badge, this machine looks just like an ultrabook.


Split Key Keyboard

The keyboard lighting zones separates the rows of keys effectively into three unique sections, enabling the user to program the lighting up of various glowing colors. The sides of the keys are marked very clear. When this multicolored lighting is turned on, the GS60 seems is fluorescent candies arranged atop the keyboard deck. Aesthetics aside, it just feels excellent to type on this keyboard. The keys offer plenty of travel, and the keys are coated with somewhat rough, but soft touch paint, thereby adding to the tactile feel.

The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro consists of all essential components of a contemporary gaming laptop such as Skylake processors, the latest Nvidia Maxwell graphics as well as DDR4 RAM. As to the display panel, it comes with an IPS screen, displaying decent colors, and well rendered black with discernible levels of contrast. It is finished with a matte coating, thereby diffusing light falling on the screen.

Talking about the audio aspect, GS60 has considerably increased the audio capabilities by incorporating the Nahimic sound technology, thereby creating a virtual 7.1 surround sound system.


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