Pyro Mini – Shoot Fireball from your Wrist

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Shoot Fireball from your Wrist

The Pyro Mini is a small device which can fire fireballs up to 50 feet. This is a portable device which would be great for magic tricks. This is not a toy. It should be used with caution, and after a lot of practice.

With all the warnings out of the way, it should be clear that this device provides a lot of fun. It is as much fun and exciting during the hundredth shot of the day, as it is for the first few shots after unboxing. It is easy to use and reload, and if treated with respect, it should not be any more dangerous than lighting up fireworks. It promises loads of fun, and it delivers on its promise.

On the other hand, the fun is in the excitement, and this device is very exciting. It gives real chills prior to use. The user is advised to take extra care when using the device. There is a very real possibility of becoming a front page story from using the Pyro Mini.


The first thing you notice about the Pyro Mini is that it is small, and the remote is even smaller. It is small enough to be hidden inside the cuffs of the tight sleeves of a shirt. It was designed to be invisible, or at least not noticeable to the audience. As part of a magic trick, it can be used as the trick itself, or it can be used as a distraction for the main magic trick.

This is a handy pytotechnic. It can also be set apart from the person controlling it. The remote can be set up as far as 30 feet away. This leaves the user lots of leeway when using it. Set up a bunch of these and you can really have a big show even with small devices.

• Small and hardly noticeable
• Remote can be used up to 30 ft.
• Easy to load
• Can be used indoors
• Not for children
• Dangerous
• Do not use when under the influence

Pyro Mini Specification

The Pyro Mini uses flash paper. There is no secret to making flash paper. The flash paper Pyro Mini uses is made five parts nitric acid, four parts sulfuric acid. A small piece of tissue paper, cotton or string is briefly soaked in the mixture and then allowed to dry. This propellant has the same consistency and makeup as nitrocellulose, a compound used in gunpowder.

The flash paper is loaded into the Pyro Mini and when it is ignited, it is expelled outward like a ball of fire. In the combustion which lasts for only a couple of seconds, the flash paper turns to ash. Flash paper is easy to ignite, all that is needed is a heat source.

Pyro Mini

Besides the remote, the Pyro Mini also comes with a wristband. This allows the device to be attached around the wrist, or elsewhere.

The Pyro Mini is powered by a rechargeable battery. To recharge, the device is attached to a USB adapter, much like a mobile phone. The battery is small and quickly recharged.

Any user should know to be careful about this device. If you make a mistake with the device attached to your arm, you can severely burn your hand. It could be worse, it could burn your shirt sleeve, along with the rest of your arm. If the flash were to hit any flammable object, there is a big possibility of a conflagration.

Pyro Mini

Although it can be used indoors, care should be taken when firing the device. Again, it might hit something flammable. Or it could hit a person and cause some unexpected excitement. It never hurts to practice indoors with a fire extinguisher close at hand.

When ignited the device acts much like a cannon. Only this time, it is all propellant, and the flash paper does not survive long enough. The distance and velocity is dependent on the material used, as well as the volume. The heavier it is, the longer the trajectory. Experimenting with the type of material used, as well as the size will give the user an idea of what size paper to use.

Pyro Mini

Using the device for home video  special effects or for low light photography (with no flash) is a lot of fun. You would have to set the camera settings to show only the flash paper exploding, but slow motion capable cameras would have a field day with this device.

As an additional warning, it should be noted that the Pyro Mini should not be used while under the influence. Accidents can happen even while using it sober. In addition, using this with fireworks is not a good idea.

Pyro Mini


This device is loads of fun. However, a lot of care should be taken during its use. Just because the flash paper dissipates in seconds, it is easy to forget that it can cause a fire. Admittedly, there is a very slim chance of causing a fire, however, up close and very near the source, the ignited flash paper can still cause harm and damage.

This is for professionals who know what they are doing. Geeks would want to have one of these, but again, they should put a lot of hours in practicing its use. It has been noted that the loading procedure seems intricate at first, but gets easier with practice. With experience it could be loaded in seconds.

It can be used as a special effect in a video production. However, an experienced pyrotechnic engineer would be a better alternative rather than for a home videographer to spend countless hours experimenting on this device.

As to any questions about weaponizing this device. It can only serve as a match to light a fire. Other than that, everything else depends on fuel to feed the fire. To reiterate, using this to start a fire is more dangerous to the user. It is quite safe that if there is any safety concern, it is more dangerous to the user than to anyone or anything else.

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