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Alienware 17 The Versatile Gaming Notebook

The Alienware 17’s case sports mostly the same design as it was three years ago. The chassis comes in a sleek, spaceship-like paneling that is sure to stand out in any crowd, particularly when the entire lights are ablaze, looking like a Star Destroyer hurtling down space to hunt down annoying rebels.


The Alienware 17 is neither powerful like a high-performance desktop, nor it is a small portable notebook. It is suitable for gamers who looks for versatility in a system and serve both purposes practically well.

• Astounding gaming performance
• Extraordinary application capabilities
• Arresting physical design
• Outstanding build quality
• Premium keyboard
• Thick, heavy body
• Battery is depleted rapidly during games
• Small trackpad
• Unrefined loud speakers
• Extremely expensive


As you open the awesome laptop, you see an even black deck that offers a fine contrast to the exterior, the extra lights under the keyboard as well as the Alienware logo. Everything looks solidly put together as usual, something of a necessity when you consider the 17’s hefty 8.33 weight.


Alienware is display-savvy, as the 17.3” UHD screen is better than anything else in its own class. The display is bright, sharp, and ultra-colorful. This makes a marvel of even the minutest details of any type of game, however advanced.

Alienware 17 comes with a brightness of a high 318.6 nits, and by doing so beats the screens of competition such as Eon17-SLX with 275 nits, MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition with 288 nits as also Acers Predator 17 with 307 nits. In the matter of color range also the 17 is a topper with a 173.5% RGB range.

Sound Quality

The speakers included in Alienware 17 are too loud for a notebook and this doesn’t come with any good quality either. The loudest mid-range sounds too lifeless and flat. The same is true of bass also. Mere huge volumes won’t make good sound, so it is better to use headsets while gaming.


It so happens that exceptional gaming laptops such as Alienware 17 R2 offer more than sufficient performance for every other type of application as well. This is mainly due to the extremely fast quadcore CPU and the fastest graphics card available these days, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M. Even in the most demanding programs such as 3D rendering, the R2 doesn’t even approach its performance limits. The only thing that is wanting is the RAM capacity which would have been better at 16 rather than 8 for near total performance, and for its price too.  The combination of a big hard drive and fast SSD guarantees extremely smooth handling as also sufficient storage space for a plethora of games.


The Alienware 17’s enormous chassis has a lot of room for various ports. Along the edges, you can find a generous four USB 3.0 connectors, mini-DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, as much as three audio jacks to enable surround sound, powerful Gigabit Ethernet, and a super slim DVD drive. As to the inside, there is a Bluetooth 4.0 and a dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

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