Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 Review

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Everyone wants to have their perfect cup of coffee in the morning. With the aroma of of the black beans lingering in the air, as you sip that hot cup. Who doesn’t want that? Well, coffee lovers now seems to have a new partner in brewing their perfect cup all thanks to the  Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100. Yup, you read that right, It is “Aviator” as this coffee maker is aero automotive inspired. This one of a kind coffee maker is perfect for those who love to travel, collect airplane models, or even have real airplanes.


The Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 is for single serve. It has a high pressure brewing system for tea leaves or coffee grinds. This brewing system looks like a vintage jet engine, with its distinctive design. Apart from that, it promises great espresso, that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. It is made of aviation grade materials. The company, Super Veloce, takes pride in its hand crafted collectible masterpieces that last for a lifetime, and can be passed down from generation to generation. Aviation fans will really like to get their hands on this, as there are only a few being made. What is more, the price is quite steep, which makes this limited edition even more valuable. This is one of those items, where if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

• Aviations inspired design which is almost art-deco
• Beautiful all metal finish
• Brews a great espresso
• Works with tea leaves or coffee beans
• Limited Edition and expensive
• Big and heavy. You need to think about the ideal counter top space.

Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 Technical

Giving us the golden age of aviation vibes, the Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 has a beautiful silver jet propeller body. This aero insider machine has been proudly handcrafted and with about only a hundred being made. Worry not, as the jet turbine of the coffee maker does not put together the airflow which pushes the hot water through the scoop of your ground coffee. Instead the jet turbine is merely there for show. The Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 was designed and produced by Super Veloce with its lead engineer and designer, Italian Paolo Mastrogiueppe.

Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100

The Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 will only brew and prepare espresso good for one. It has a high pressure brewing system, that nor only grinds coffee beans, but also tea leaves. As was mentioned, this expresso maker is created from Aviation Grade materials. These are aviation grade 6061 T6, 2000 Series Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel 316 Ti, 304 & Aluminium Bronze. The Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 weighs 61 pounds (28 kilograms). This aerospace inspired machine measures exactly 780 mm (L) x 332 mm (W) x 455 mm (H). Users can choose between a 110 – 120 volts or a 220 -240 input voltage.

Coffee lovers as well as aero space fanatics will truly love this coffee maker because of its wonderful design. With its jet propeller body, this coffee maker will certainly be a sight for sore eyes (especially for those who love airplanes). The Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100 will definitely make a great statement piece in any house. Its single serve portion will not worry people about getting cold stale coffee, as you know you have enough just for you.

Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100

Looking at it, you would not know whether it is an oversized hair dryer, or a big muzzle space gun. The company has a reputation of manufacturing coffee machines which make insanely good coffee. They also have a reputation of out-of-the-box insane industrial inspired designs. They have coffee machines which look like V6, V8 and V12 engines.

These machines are not meant to be displayed in a coffee shop. At these prices, no coffee shop can afford them. Besides, a serious coffee shop would have a large espresso machine behind the counter, the one which looks like a pipe organ.

Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100

In some cultures, coffee and tea have a culture all their own. The Superjet 100 is one way of creating great coffee with bold flavors. It just so happens that the coffee machine speaks more about the taste of the owner than about the taste of the coffee. It can be said that since you have already bought the machine, the coffee had better be good because it would be hard to top that design. Thankfully, the internal coffee making design delivers on the promise of the Superjet airplane-inspired design.

Coffee makers are known to be a contentious lot. There are those who would not set foot inside a Starbucks because they don’t like the coffee. There are those who would not be seen brewing Turkish coffee, or Viennese, or even Vietnamese coffee. There are even those who would not want to drink Irish coffee if anything other than Irish whiskey was used. The use of the jet engine design is meant to be a homage to the age of flight. It does not necessarily have anything to do with drinking coffee.


This is absolutely not for those who only drink instant coffee. There is a beauty to this machine which makes sense only if you realize that this was made to be passed on to generations to come, either as an heirloom or as an example of excess and extravagance. No matter, there is only one reason for buying this thing, it is one of the most beautiful coffee making design ever.

Aviatore Veloce Superjet 100

However, its big space consuming design and heavy weight can be a bit of a downside. So, it is better that before you buy you check if you have enough space on your kitchen. That is if you want to use this everyday. Also, the single serve portion does not make it great for parties, right? Think about it, how many times will you need to refill the coffee maker just to get everyone their cup. Still, if you would want to display this, then by all means, do so after all this piece is a limited edition with only about a hundred being made.

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