Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Review

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Stay inspired with Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II is the successor to the G7X and this is very appealing, thanks largely due to its compact form, large 1″ sensor, and a flexible 4.2x optical zoom lens, as well as a whole series of new improvements and features.


To conclude, the largely improved Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II comes with several new features, thereby enhancing its overall performance, for the benefit of the user.

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Design and Features

Although somewhat similar in its appearance to its predecessor, the Mark II comes with several changes to the body design. Now the G7X has a small rubberized front grip for extra comfort and grip. Another important change is a retooled front control ring, that provides a choice between stepped and smooth rotation, by means of a little lever switch on the ring. At the rear of the Canon G7X II, there is a button layout with a few changes over on direction pad, over its predecessor. The 1,040K dot screen can be tilted 45 degrees downward, apart from the 180 degrees in upward movement of the older model.

The G7X II is equipped with the 4.2x optical zoom lens as in the G7X. The lens is 24-100mm, an equivalent of/1.8-2.8, together with an Iris 9 blade diaphragm, as also optical image stabilization that is able to focus up to an incredible 2” at 24mm, and 1.3 feet at 100mm. The image quality is considerably improved especially with higher ISOs.

Performance Improvements

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II comes with a host of performance improvements. Apart from the improved noise performance, there is much quicker continuous shooting capability. There is the enhanced burst speed of 8 fps in the One Shot H continuous shooting mode, locking the focus with the very first frame. In fact the RAW mode is a fast 8 fps, In Servo H mode; however speed decreases to 5.4 fps, in continuous AF. All these improvements make the G7X II one of the finest PowerShot cameras.

The same is true of autofocus performance, with improvement in the matter of subject tracking and low contrast scenes. A fresh panning feature lets users shoot moving subjects by means of locked-on autofocus, as well as automatic adjustments to shutter speed to produce the blur of motion in the background. According to the direction of panning, the Mark II’s IS or Intelligent Image Stabilizer turns itself on or off, automatically.

As to the video feature, the Canon G7X II can capture 1080p video at 60 fps in the MP4 format along with stereo sound. It also consists of a fresh time-lapse movie feature, that shoot images at certain preset intervals, with the camera combining them automatically with a short time-lapse.

The New Processor

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II’s new processor provides it with the ability of processing all RAW files, in-camera, something that makes the Mark II the first ever PowerShot camera that boasts of this feature. Another new, the Picture Style feature offers the ability to control sharpness, contrast and color to the photographs, while the dedicated Wi-Fi button, lets the sharing of images with Android or iOS devices. The greatly enhanced battery life can let the user make 265 shots by default and 355 shots by means of the ECO Mode, with the NB-13L battery that can be charged via USB, apart from the dedicated charger that comes with the camera.

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