The Casio Exilim FR100

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The New, Massively Upgraded Freestyle Camera

The Casio Exilim FR100 is the successor of the Exilim FR10 with a similar design. However Casio has transformed the whole camera with new software algorithms and hardware. It has a more “freestyle” impression and strong wireless connection between its modules and the camera as a whole. While maintaining the same Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connection like its predecessor, this new2 Casio has made some changes in the placement of its antenna, resulting in a much improved and stable connection. The whole module boasts of enhanced shock resistance, by the addition of gel shock absorbers in its design, thereby enabling it to resist drops of 1.7m. The FR10 is also made water resistant to a depth of 1.5m for as much as an hour.


Although the Casio EX-FR100 seems like a specialty-use camera, it is easy to operate, is more accessible to ordinary users than high end action cameras, especially in the matter of outdoor action sports. As for others, FR100 means a handy selfie camera, with wide lens, remote control and durability. Actually, Casio is targeting this unique camera for outdoor hobbyists with its ad campaign of “Go Adventure.”

• Quick Response shooting interval to the tune of 0.4 second
• High-Speed Continuous Shutter for shooting 12 megapixel photographs at 30fps
• High-Speed Movie option for 240fps videos
• Anti-Shake Video 3-axis to resist blurring
• Time Lapse automatic shooting.
• Video recording limited to 4GB at 29 minutes only
• Non-removable batteries
• Mono microphone.

Design and Features

Most G-Shock fans remain eager outdoor enthusiasts too, so for them Casio Exilim FR100 can be of immense interest, as it is rugged camera that is designed primarily for selfies as well as action videos. It comes with a mountable camera, as also an easily detachable Bluetooth-connected module, for performing the functions of a touchscreen controller, playback device and viewfinder. Its hinged stand allows it to be placed on any surface, mounted on itself, or other objects with the module performing as a remote. Both the camera along with its controller can be operated when connected to each other for taking selfies, or facing outward with the hinge folded like a conventional digital camera. The FR100 can be had in yellow, white and black colors.

Casio Exilim FR100 Shooting

The Casio Exilim FR100 is equipped with a 16mm ultra wide-angle lens that makes it ideal for taking selfies, large group photographs, outdoor action scenes, and landscape photography. It’s IF or Intelligent Interval feature enables hands-free shooting. With the help of a high speed HS3 engine, the IF selects and saves the best photos automatically, while doing continuous shooting at high speeds. The user can view those photos that were not selected by this novel feature too. Then there is the Highlight Movie function that lets the enthusiast create a highlight video automatically, from the selected videos and photographs bearing any given date. Then these are sent to a smartphone by means of Bluetooth and duly shared on social media. Besides, a user can easily edit and share them without using a computer.

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