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FitBit Surge

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FitBit Surge, The Ultra Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Surge is an ultra fitness watch. This means that it is essentially an activity tracker, by means of motion sensors. Thus you can keep track of steps, distance covered and monitors sleep patterns automatically. Since the market for sports watches are already congested to the limits, Surge has come out with a built-in GPS as well as optical heart rate sensor, that is of great benefit to cyclists, runners, or those who wish for that added layer of biometric data.

The Surge comes with a price tag of £200, and thus the most expensive device in the Fitbit family. Although it remains the most feature packed device available, it is designed with the casual athlete in mind, and not for someone training for a marathon.


The FitBit Surge is a solid all-round device, although it is not really a super fitness watch. However, it does provide precise tracking in a hardy comfortable design

• GPS and heart rate monitoring
• Robust, easy to use food database
• Precise resting and continuous heart-rate tracking
• Design is better suited for the gym than the office
• Slightly bulky body and strap
• Expensive
• Battery life is not great

Design & Features

The Fitbit Surge isn’t known for its designer good looks. It comes with a textured elastomer strap, sporting a plain, unappealing design that might be good for the gym, but not at important business meetings. Compared to other watches in its class, it is smaller too.

The Surge offers three watch straps of varying sizes such as small, large, x-large, so the fit is right for most people. It comes with the usual metal buckle that comes with many conventional watches, making it secure and comfortable to wear. Along the side of the watch, there is a sloping body that contains the GPS sensor. This slight bulge doesn’t in any way affect the fit.

The Touch Screen FitBit Surge

However, the new feature of the Surge is its excellent large screen to see your data. Besides it comes with a fine 1.26” touchscreen display which is not color but an uninteresting black and white. The screen is always-on, with a backlight built-in, and you can operate it by means of the touchscreen, while working at night. The screen is ultrasensitive and offers good visibility look at it during mid workout to know of one’s progress.

The FitBit Surge boasts of three physical buttons. The button towards the left, kick starts the exercise tracking. The two buttons on the right are action buttons that lets you start, pause and end a day’s workout.

 The FitBit Surge, Performance

It is simple to operate the Surge. You can do your daily activity tracking and also see resting heart rate, distance, floors climbed and calories. To take full advantage of the Surge you should sync it with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Then you see texts, receive call notifications, and even listen to music.

Official Website: FitBit

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