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Garmin Quatix 3

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The Ultimate Smartwatch for Sailors and Fishermen

The Garmin Quatix 3 is the ultimate smartwatch designed mainly for the sailor or fisherman. It is the latest addition to Garmin’s Quatix line of watches, combining all the strength of the famed Swiss company’s Fenix line, that come with features that are marine-specific.


On the whole, The Garmin Quatix 3 wrist GPS is technically advanced with a host of highly sophisticated features, with the extra advantage of showing time. It is extremely portable and is useful both in an IRC or is a racing dinghy.

Our Score:
• Tidal data for almost anywhere
• Data logging
• Excellent battery life
• Certain sophisticated functions difficult to use • Needs practicing ashore • Small screen, host of functions

Garmin Quatix 3’s Design and Features

As the Garmin Quatix is made solely for marine activities, it is rugged and thick, and built to resist rough environments. It comes with the sapphire lens that you can find on the entire Garmin Fenix line, and the company’s own omnidirectional Exo antenna, to link with GPS satellites. Besides, it is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

As to the specs, this unique watch consists of a compass, barometer, accelerometer, auto-calibrating altimeter, and GPS. The Garmin Quatix 3 still can stream boat data wirelessly by means of the NMEA 2000, like its predecessor. This provides such data to sailors as temperature, speed, wind data, and depth right on their wrists. Actually, the NMEA 2000 remains a standard for plug-and-play communication, linking the various sensor data and displays, with other boats.


By pairing with a smartphone by means of the Garmin Connect app, the Quatix 3 doubles into your active sail assistant. It can show tide data for your area, and warn you if you are off course. There is also a countdown timer, time to burn, tack assist and distance to the start line. Apart from this, there is a “rode anchor calculator” that informs you of the needed length of anchor line. It will warn you of drift also.

 For Fishermen

If you happen to be a fisherman, the Garmin Quatix 3 comes with a competition timer as well as a fish catch log. In this way, you are able to keep track of the fish you’ve caught, and time left before you need to weigh-in.

A Smartwatch

The Qauatix 3 with its special features for fishermen and sailors also functions as a smartwatch in its own right. Apart from its usual abilities it can also count the steps you take, measure log calories burned, and even record your sleep. It also has multisport functions intended for rowing, golfing, swimming, and a lot more things that you track and record a host of activities.

Smart Notifications

This feature connects the Quatrix 3 to your smartphone to receive text, email and call. It has a host of watch faces, apps to get extra additional notifications. And with a Fusion stereo system or Garmin Virb camera, you can take stills, start & stop recording and control music all you’re your watch.

Battery Life

The Garmin Quatix 3’s battery can last for 20 hours in the GPS mode and an incredible six weeks without GPS. Besides, the UltraTrac mode turns off the GPS periodically to save power by forcing your watch to use its accelerometer feature to reckon distance and speed, thereby prolonging battery life to 50 hours.

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