Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV Review

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The Awesome  Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV

The latest TV from Loewe’s is named  Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV. It is essentially an Ultra HD TV that boasts of a premium design, built-in soundbar, and a host of hard drive enabled features.


Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV boasts of an altogether a new out of the box thinking as well as price-sensitive approach. For those who can afford it, it is premium TV with all the trimmings.

Our Score:
• Exceptional build quality
• Outstanding video processing
• Customizable design options
• Fine sound quality
• Nominal video streaming support
• Reflective screen
• Extremely expensive
• Backlight clouding at times

 Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV Design and Features

The ‘killer app’ of this latest Reference TV is the 4K/UHD resolutions. This enables Loewe, the very first brand, to introduce a range of TVs that are exclusively 4K. Curiously, every one of Loewe’s latest TVs, makes use of the same basic picture technologies, such as LCD panels lit up by means of edge-mounted LEDs, a level of dimming control, proprietary algorithms  upscaling to 4K, Image picture processing, as well as dynamic 3D playback support. They come with exquisitely finished aluminum frames as well as die-cast aluminum table stands, although other types of stands can be had at additional cost.


The Loewe Reference 4K TV with its 55” screen has a whopping 3840×2160 with ‘4K UHD’ resolution. It also comes with an edge LED system of lighting system that is gained by a local dimming in order to boost contrast, as well as the company’s latest highly impressive generation Image+ processing system.

The Loewe Reference 4K TV incorporates a timeless design with its designer good looks, style and the premium materials used. It comes with a built-in 2×60 Watts soundbar  as well as a 5.1 Dolby Digital decoder. An integrated 1TB HDD lets you record movies and TV shows, with the triple-tuner you can begin two recordings simultaneously, when watching another third show. It is even possible to initiate recordings from a smartphone or stream recordings to any Loewe TVs kept in your house.

The Loewe Reference 4K TV has an in-built sound bar, and together with the company’s  tradition of  TV audio, guarantees increased potent sound as compared to conventional  TVs.Remarkably this TV also boasts of a built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder, thereby permitting you to add a set of surround sound speakers.

The use of dynamic 3D is evident right away, as Loewe doesn’t any longer employ the IPS-type panels that had a lot of contrast-based problems recently. Actually, the panels of all modern TVs are made by Hisense, the panel maker from China. However, the case of Loewe is different for the company firmly states that their whole new series of TVs are manufactured at their own high-tech facilities in Germany.


Loewe Reference 4K 55″ TV comes with HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 support, and HEVC streaming as found in Netflix’s 4K/UHD. In fact, advanced connectivity is the core of Loewe’s latest design philosophy. All their new TVs can share content with one another.

Loewe has come up with a refurbished OS termed Assist Media 2015. It is much faster and allows access to apps like YouTube and Netflix. The new Reference TV offers a choice of color combinations such as Aluminum Silver, Aluminum Black, Dark Gold as well as High-Gloss White.

Official Website: Loewe

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