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The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to make any electronic device smart and communicating to other devices via the internet. The  Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock is not a smart device per se. However, it does have a iOS/Android app which extends its use from being a simple lock to one with extended accessibility.

It may not be intelligent enough today, however, with extended use this device can be integrated with the smartphone.

The feature set looks solid, and gives an indication of the direction of keyless locks, as well as the internet of things. However, it has not fallen off the edge of logic and maintains its main purpose to be only intended to be used as a lock.

One IoT takeaway from this device is that not everything has to be on the internet. This does come particularly close. If there are any concerns about its intelligence, suffice to say that being hacked by a third party, without the use of the app’s passcode, is silly..


The Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock is a smart Bluetooth lock. It lives up to its name, especially the ‘Outdoor’ portion. The heavy weather sealed design stamps this as capable of withstanding the natural elements.

To open this lock, you would need to have the a smartphone. Sorry, there is no other key. However, what is great about this is that you can send the code to anyone, allowing them to open the lock as needed. You can also set limits on when it can be opened. There is even a failsafe option where the device locks itself it it was opened by mistake.

It offers security at a price. This is not an inexpensive device, and to defray the cost, it should either work for a very long time, or it can be shared with others.

Our Score:
• Straightforward setup
• Hefty and strong
• Weather sealed
• Smartphone app allows sharing with other people.
• Optional two layer security
• Not cheap

Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock

The first hint that Master Lock takes its business seriously is in the packaging. There is no way to reseal the packaging. The Master Lock packaging designed to be tamper-proof. Do not attempt to tear the plastic with your teeth. Use a pair of scissors. When cutting through the plastic, be careful not to cut through the instruction manual. You will need the manual to setup the lock.

You will need to install the Master Vault iOS/Android app. This will be used to setup the lock. Note that this is different from the Master Lock app. Use the code in the instruction manual to unlock this piece of hardware. You also need to register the lock with the use of the Master Vault app. This will send an email confirmation, and you are good to go.

If you are not familiar with this lock, the first thing you would notice is that it is quite a large lock. It is heavy duty and weather sealed. It also has a blue light on the side. Actually, the light can be blue, red, white or green.

Like all smart devices, the real power lies in the app. The app unlocks the device by either a tap on the smartphone when it is in Bluetooth range, or you can setup a two-step authentication, where you need to tap “unlock” on the app.

One danger with a lock is that the lock’s battery might lose its charge. In this case, you need to jumpstart the battery by connecting another battery to the bottom of the device.

Opening the lock is not that hard, but neither is it easy. You need the instruction manual to understand how that is done. It uses a CR2 battery which is fairly common. Master Lock says that the battery life is rated at two years. The lock does not use rechargeables, and you need to replace the battery when the charge runs out.

Besides the keyless entry, there are other features which the user might find useful. For one, it logs the users. If it is locked or unlocked, the app lists it. This list can be viewed at any time on the app. If it inadvertently unlocked while your smartphone is in your pocket, it can lock itself within 5 seconds.

Short of a lock which has a fingerprint scanner, the Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock, rides high on the list of smart locks. It offers the owner the capability of multiple users, usage window times, as well as securing against accidentally unlocking on its own.

When necessary, you can also set a temporary code. With the use of arrows, you can lock this device in seconds. Of course, the only problem is that you might forget the interim code. It would be weird to leave your phone inside a locker, and then use the lock it while you use the gym. The interim code can be easy to forget the code, especially since it is at least 7 characters or arrows long. This is a real possibility. Studies have shown that 7 digits or characters is easier to remember.



By its very name, the Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock announces to the world that this is to be used outdoors. If there is any doubt, you only need to take a look at the lock itself. It looks durable, has a hefty weight, and a large 2 inch clearance for the shackle.

The design has been well thought out, especially about on the app. The features on the app allow for multiple users, as well as setting window times for unlocking the lock. This is one device which buyers will find other uses after they have bought it.

As a smart device, this is easily for early adopters, as well as for those who can find and understand that this was designed for them.

This may be a pricey piece of lock. However, it is totally worth it.

Official: Master Lock

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